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Chucky McChuckface

Only really follow my Spuds inside out, and based on last season, when we had a pigs ear of a start, a major wobble around Janury, a long term injury to Romero who missed about a third of the season, and a half arsed Harry who only scored one goal before Christmas, chucked in a Conte pre-season, 6 signings that all improved the squad in area’s that needed improving in, an interested Harry, and hopefully a bit of luch with injuries, and the way we finished the season in the last 8-10 games, I’m very confident in thinking we’ll be at least 12, maybe 15 points better off than last year, giving my Spuds around the 83-86 points range.

Won’t be enough to catch MoneyBags, but it will be enough to keep the Micky Mousers honest with one eye over their shoulder…

Of course, the 5-sub rule and a World in the middle of the season didn’t exist last year either… but think we’ve got a pretty decent bench now… and I do think this World Cup will be the most boring in memory, still to bloody hot for the players and just about every time will be playing for peno’s when the knock-out starts…

My typical 11 and bench (with anticapting future sales/incomings!)

BACK 3: ROMERO, DIER, LENGLAT (although and outside chance of another top draw CB showing up for the left!)
RWB: Donkey CM: Bentacur, Hodge-Podge LWB Perisic
Up Top: Ginger Ninja, Harry, Sonny

Bench: Forster, Sanchez, Davies, Bissuoma, Skipp, Blondie, Moura, Sessengon, Spence.

And this isn’t including the possible AM that might be showing up…


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