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Good to see you both back!

Steve, I’m cautiously optimistic about the longer term but very realistic about the short term. It’s a complete overhaul of the way we play and that will take time. The lack of transfer activity suggests it will take even longer than I, and probably most others, thought.

I think top 4 is out of the question this season as all the other contenders are so much further ahead in what they want to do and having the squads where they want them. The lack of people having Utd in their top 4 on this thread and elsewhere suggests many agree with this.

My only hope is that Ten Hag is given the time he needs for us to really see if he is the right man. That’s not me saying we should stick with him whatever happens asthat would be naive. Assuming we see progress in either the style of play and/or the league position then he needs to be given time. I’m not an advocate of just blindly giving managers time. You have to have something to go on to argue that’s the right decision. He is, after all, rather inexperienced at the highest level.

If I had to guess a position, I’d say 5th is doable but 6th is probably more realistic in his first season.


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