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Chucky McChuckface

Dunno Buffy, Budgies away isn’t the easiest start to the season, that’s for sure.

But as you asked nicely, I couldn’t be that much happier with our summer spree. Not entirely sure if 50 plus for Blondie was a great idea (although I do miss the shithousery from Lamela, so looking forward to see who’s buttons Blondie will press. Quite happy with the other 5, all players that fill the weak spots in our squad. And there’s plenty of cyber fish-wrappings suggesting we’re getting a “AM” (Maddie from Foxy or this Italian lad) which would be nice… along with that other lad from Italy who we’re loaning straight back out again.

Now we have to shift some of the dead wood and see how much we can re-coup before the end of the month… be nice to get them off the wage bill!

Going to be interesting to see how this “5-sub” thing plays out… all the big dogs, especially the top 6 have pretty large squads right now… I can see a lot of games having a lot of dramatic endings!


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