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Right you ice creams!
1. Pool
2. City
3. Arsenal
4. Dirty spuds
5. Chelsea
6. West Ham
7. United

I agree Arteta needs to deliver but you all talk of big money spent but look a bit deeper. Who needed replacing (snd many still do) and the fact our £150m was on 5/6 players not one or two like the big boys who can do that each window building from a position of strength

Still it’s a wedge of cash now fully his squad snd team so he needs to show what the fuss is about (still not convinced by him)

Dirty spuds … bought really well and very unspudsey! Top manager already to attach and now real danger mores the pity … but still the spuds so will still mess it up somehow 😁

City I’m not sure about this year… think it may drop off and pool will take advantage

Both bought well after losing some big players

Chelsea a strange one and think unless a few decent surprises snd goals bought in will struggle

United another summer of chasing one player and no bank up
Really surprised not brought more in to be fair think Haag is on a hiding to nothing

Can’t wait for tonight and a today victory to see us top of the table 😁


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