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Chucky McChuckface

Figured you numpties would have one of these going, and after what has been the best transfer window for my Spuds for decades, I’m going to tell you all how it is…

Top 6:
1) Man City… again… sold some, bought some who are even better, still setting the bar… and, just to keep the peace, I won’t mention what a bunch of scumbags their owners are or their pathetic attempts at “sportswashing”… 🙂

2) LiVARberool… but only just. Don’t think they’re going to hit the same heights as last year, they’re going to miss Mane’s industry up top and their injury and aging midfield will fade the longer the season goes on. They’re one injury away to either Dic Van Dyck and Salah to losing 2nd place.

3) Spuds… brillinat transfer window, and with a Conte pre-season, Harry in the mood all season this year, and Romero (in the TOP 3 CB’s in the league!) hopefully fit all season, I reckon we could easily get 15 more points than last year, which puts us dangerously close to the Micky Mousers!

4) Chelski (need to think of a new name for them!)… lost a few players, bought a few players, but have they really “improved” that much? Maybe, maybe not, but I don’t think they’ve improved as much as my Spuds have. Comfortablly 4th….

5) Goonies… probably should have had CL footy this year, strengthened a bit, but not enough to catch the 1st and 2nd best teams in London. Still better than West Ham though, so all is not lost!

6) YooUtd… another transitional year for them… bit of an unkown really but should still have enough to secure Conference League football in the worst case scenerio.

Signing of the season: I think Perisic was an inspired signing, and if we’re going for a VFM element here, would be my signing of the season, been there, done that, got the t-shirt and the trophies to prove it… but I think Haaland is going to be a star and probably signing of the season overall.

Flop of the season: Nunez… (now watch him bang in 30!)… 85 million for a one season wonder from Portugal? The pressure is on!

And I’ll be back full-time when Buffy and Nepolean show-up… (come on lads, you know it makes sense!)


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