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Mikus LFC

Difficult one this season. A lot of unknowns and things in flux with some transfer business still to be done, but as things stand:

Top 6

1) City

2) Spurs
3) Liverpool – These 3 teams could be in flux over the season but expect them to finish top 4.
4) Chelsea

5) Arsenal
6) Man Utd

I think City have strengthened an already formidable side. They are a bit undercooked with not much pre season, but that hasn’t affected them before being a slower starter. Haaland will naturally be a big success but watch out for Alvarez who has gone under the radar. I think and I expect City to win by a greater margin this time. I think Liverpool could start well but have a big problem with an aging midfield which hasn’t really been addressed and I think it will cost them as the season goes on – Carvalho could help up top but it’s asking a lot for a youngster and it’ll probably take time for Klopp to bed him in. Nunez potentially quite raw too. (I do wonder if the CL loss impacted on Tchouaméni’s decision to choose Real Madrid ahead of Liverpool which may have been pretty costly). I also think Liverpool have to be at full tilt every game to compete with City which again is asking a lot over the season. So I do think Spurs could potentially overtake them under Conte and they look like they’re in the ascendency and have made some good signings, though could do with a few more. I wouldn’t write Chelsea off but they definitely need more established quality up top – something they look like they’re currently trying to address. If they do, they could do better. These 3 following teams could constantly be in flux around positions 2, 3 & 4. Chelsea may get better players in, but Conte is a formidable manager.



Think time may finally be up for Southampton.

Signings of the season: Hard to see it not being Haaland, though Alvarez & Carvalho could prove great value for money. I’ve also been impressed by Chukwuemeka whenever he played at Villa and never understood why he didn’t play more. You’d expect Koulibaly to settle well at Chelsea.

Flop of the season: Wouldn’t maybe call flop, but not completely convinced by Richarlison at Spurs for that money, though I think he is quite rugged and will still offer something.

Surpise prediction/team: I think Forest will probably perform the strongest out the promoted sides and may even do a Brentford. I also think Lampard may limp on at Everton for longer than thought as he’s just not got much resources and I think the fans have really galvanized behind him.

Sackings: I’d look out for Gerrard, Rodgers, Viera, Hasenhuttl, Parker. I haven’t particularly rated Gerrard’s time at Villa even if it was his first season and not all his players. I think a problem with great players not being great managers is because they get too frustrated they can’t coach their own natural ability. As for Arteta, I don’t particularly rate him but Arsenal have invested in him for the long term.


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