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Top 4
1. City
2. Liverpool
3. Spurs
4. Chelsea

1 and 2 could easily be the other way around and will be tight, as with my 3 and 4 I think.


Signing of the season : Sterling is a good shout Sean. Will take a gamble on Scamacca at West Ham. Reckon Lingard will do very well at Forest too.

Flop of the season: Would love to say Haaland or Nunez, for obvious reasons, but I just can’t see it. Those two rarely get signings wrong these days. Richarlison at Spurs is my shout.

Surprise team: Villa have made some interesting signings so they should really be up there challenging with West Ham, Newcastle etc for those Europa spots with the squad they have.

Surpise prediction: I think Leicester will get pulled into the relegation fight. They’re losing a lot of top players and not really making any stand out signings. Schmeichel has gone. Potential exits for Maddison, Vardy, Fofana, Tielemans.

1st sacking: Lampard at Everton

Golden boot winner: Kane. Tempted to go with Nunez or Haaland purely because those two sides create so many chances but I think Kane edges it if he stays clear of injuries.


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