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Brian blue

Respectfully disagree Nike..I came up in an age and before that, when there were real working class fans, without benefits and the atmosphere and respect was real for everyone single one. There is no excuse for lack of respect but these days everybody wants everything to there where of thinking…
The past has gone, you are right Nike…we are poorer for it and it will be the fans that ruin it, not owners, clubs..the fans because on the path it is going it will shut clubs dow, even at smaller clubs the cost of managing a crowd has become a factor, in fact, if fans behaved there would be no need for this expenditure at all and everyone can have a good time…..wishful thinking on my part but I guess you know what I mean. That is why I enjoyed the Ladies game so much, a big crowd, all respectful of the occasion, no hooligan element but a family one, we need to get the hooligans out and the families in, at a sensible price level to encourage them to be regulars.


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