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Forget about the smack against the crossbar that was just unlucky can happen to any striker. What was noticeable was how Haaland wanted to run off the shoulder of the last defender in behind. He has bags of pace and this is how he has always played. City for thr last season played with no striker and before that with Augero who came deep and linked up with others. This is the point I made when City bought Haaland, he doesn’t at the time suit the way City play. And this isn’t just based on watching one game. You can have the best player in the World but if the tactics don’t suit him he won’t perform as you’d hope.

So something has to give, either Haaland changes or City do. You would think City bought him to maximise his skillet so will change their tactics but as we saw with Grealish Pep is very rigid with his approach and expects the player to change. And again as seen with Grealish this can be difficult for a player to do.

I have the same concerns about Nunez as he is differwmt to Bobby but have always said the issue isn’t as big as Klopp is more flexible. There already have been subtle changes moving away from two wide scorers using space the false 9 provides template. Was impressed with Nunez’s movement yesterday and let’s hope it gives him confidence for the league.


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