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sean the sailor

It’s quite evident as threeps described in his post why lfc fans boo the national anthem. The city suffered terribly under the thatcher regime. Biros Johnson also called the city victims. Always the victim refers to hills borough. It’s constantly chantrd and the prime minister mentioned it ffs. So no wonder lfc fans despise the government

What has Klopp done now adlab? Another absolutely childish post from you. Whose going overboard? It was more or less a friendly. Great game to watch. Two Fantastic sides and it was a great game. A clear as pen as you will see. Remember if we are going to be like kids about stonewall decisions then city won the league last season because the ref didn’t give a stonewall pen at Everton. You need to give it over. Your so bitter when you should be just enjoying watching this fabulous city team win trophies.


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